Car shopping can be overwhelming, confusing and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By making a few quicks checks, you can avoid buyer’s remorse and being stuck a lemon. As well as car servicing, Urban Auto Care can carry out pre purchase inspections to any used vehicle, giving you peace of mind.

Things to check when considering a used vehicle

  • Inform yourself of the average value of the model you are looking at
  • Find out if there is money owing against the vehicle before you buy it, since a used car can be repossessed if there is still a hidden outstanding loan.
  • can advise the history of a vehicle including if there is outstanding debt and whether the vehicle has been in an accident.
  • Bring a friend, one who ideally knows about cars and can help ask the right questions. Having a second opinion can also help rationalise a purchase.
  • Research the make and model and what people have said about the vehicle. Does it have any known defects? What kind of reliability and fuel efficiency can you expect? Reading professional reviews can let you know the pros and cons of a vehicle you are considering and guide you to a vehicle that will be right for you.

Things to look at when you inspect the vehicle

  • Body damage or rust. Check especially near window/windshield seals
  • Paintwork/colour fading or dull colours
  • Lots of dirt and grime under the bonnet can indicate poor maintenance history
  • Milky oil can represent water contamination into the oil which can indicate severe issues with the engine
  • Listen to the idling of the vehicle. Does it run smoothly or irregularly?
  • Do tyres have a good amount of tread? Is there a spare tyre included?
  • Does the exhaust put out a lot of smoke? If smoke is blue, this is a sign that the car is burning oil
  • Check for the operation of all lights, including dashboard lights and vehicle exterior lights

Things to check for as you test drive the vehicle

  • Does the steering pull to the side as you drive? This indicates poorly aligned steering or worn suspension
  • Engaging the brakes should stop the vehicle smoothly without veering to the left or right and without any noise.
  • Temperature gauge should stay in the safe range and not rise.
  • Gear changes should feel smooth
  • As you drive over bumps, the vehicle should absorb this without any noise or rattles.

After this, we recommend a full inspection with an automotive specialist for a comprehensive inspection to identify any potential problems that may not be obvious, or work that may need to be carried out in the near future.  Call Urban Auto Care on (07) 3397 3855 for an honest and trust worthy inspection to help save you time, money and frustration.